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We are the place you go to when you want to learn how to really tune. We don’t teach the generic “EFI” tuning fluff. We only teach specific tuning – meaning you will learn how to tune a specific manufacturer and software brand, with a process. We partner with the software manufacturers to provide the best possible knowledge and education for you.
For example, you can learn how to tune GM Vehicles using HP Tuners in a beginners or advanced class with us; the same goes for Ford Vehicles with SCT Flash. In addition to this specific training, you will have a process to follow, which typically includes Bolt-On tuning, Heads/Cam and Forced Induction tuning procedures to follow. We take our job seriously, and we actually purchase vehicles to perform R&D on before we create any course materials; some of which you will find on the pictures above.

We also feature 1 FULL year of support with many of our courses. If you intend to learn to tune – you will need help as you go.

We train everybody from the Enthusiast level who wants to learn to tune his own car, up to the performance shops and Educational institutions who actually use our Academic curriculum to teach their own tuning classes based on our processes. We hope you will use our services to learn what you need to successfully tune!

August 25, 2014

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